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There is nothing more stressful than going through a divorce or contested family law matter. And, the stress is only compounded when dealing with issues concerning your children. On top of all of the stress, you are also likely worried about the process, the time and the cost of completing your divorce or other family law matter. We are committed to helping you through the maze of the divorce process as fast and as simply as possible. This also translates into a much more affordable experience.

If you, or your spouse is self-employed, we are the firm for you. We have a great deal of experience with self-employed parties. There are particular aspects of a divorce case that are complicated by self-employment issues, such as income, the value of the business, travel and custody issues, the potential for hidden assets and value, and of course, taxes.

Choosing Us As Your Family Law Attorneys

In broader terms, we will help you navigate through your matter, whether it be support issues, custody and visitations issues, complicated income, stock options, extreme debt situations, real estate matters, or business income and self-employment issues. We will work directly with you to get you through the already difficult divorce process with as little difficulty as is reasonably possible. Our goal in every case is to resolve the divorce and bring the matter to a complete end as fast as possible. That being said, if your matter does become complicated and there is a need to litigate, Mr. Pinkham has 17 years of litigation experience and is very confident in his ability to vigorously fight for his client’s rights and needs.

Do yourself a favor, call us our firm and speak to a senior family law attorney, directly. He will take the time to discuss your particular family law matter and issues. He will help you better understand how the process is likely to be like in your case, and to prove to you he is the attorney to put on your team. We always have, and we always will provide free initial consultations. Call Us At (714) 565-0120 .

Orange County Divorce Attorney

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